Frequently Asked Questions


What additional steps are needed for Mediciad approval other than the application process?

There is one additional step, obtaining clinical approval. This is done by a nurse from your local Office of Community Choice Options (OCCO). Your facility will arrange for this evaluation. If you are at home, we will guide you on how you can schedule this evaluation.

Am I still eligible if my income is above the Medicaid required limit?

Many times, through a combination of social security, VA benefits, pensions, 401K’s and other sources of income, your resources may be above the limit set by Medicaid. Silver Key will review your sources of income to determine if you are above the income cap. If so, we will educate you and assist in structuring your income in a manner that will make you eligible to be approved for Medicaid.

What if my application is denied?

We are confident that the work of our experts, coupled with your full disclosure, will result in an approval. If a denial is received, we will represent you at the fair hearing. We are with you through the entire process.

Can you transfer a car or deed to a family member?

Do I need to cash out all life insurance policies?

What’s the limit for a funeral arrangement?

NJ no limit, Pa: goes by county the average is between 13k and 16k max is $16,700

If we run out of money who is paying the bill to the SNF?

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